What is the Zodiac Dragons Project?

The Zodiac Dragons Project is all about two of my favorite things, dragons and zodiac signs. I have always thought about how to best interpret the zodiac signs. I've tried human females in the first round before settling upon my other favorite thing to draw: dragons. Seeing that there are plenty of calendars but not many about zodiac signs, it dawns upon me that I can mix the best of both worlds.

In 2012, I started on the first Zodiac Dragons artworks. It took me four months to finish the artworks and assembled the first Zodiac Dragon Calendar for production print. It was a very exciting project for me to work on and I enjoyed taking some artistic ideas I had and went on a spin with them. The 2013 Zodiac Dragon Calendar was a great success.

With the success of the 2013 Zodiac Dragon Calendar, I've decided to make this a permanent project with more awesome awe-inspiring dragons and my creative interpretation of the zodiac signs.

How were the Zodiac Dragons created?

Planning phase of the Zodiac Dragons starts around September. Ideas are put in writing on papers as well as choosing a theme for backgrounds. Ideas are constantly reviewed and adjusted for the next three months. Actual concept drawings start in January of the following year. Concept sketches are made based on the finalized ideas. Multiple sketches depicting different viewpoints, poses, positions, and background layouts are made before the best combination is chosen for coloring and detailing. Each Zodiac Dragon takes about two weeks to finish.

How many people are involved in the Zodiac Dragons Project?

I, SixthLeafClover, is the only artist involved in this project. My husband helps me with running through some of the ideas as well as website creation but I did all of the designs and drawings for them.

When will the new Zodiac Dragons be available?

The new calendars for Zodiac Dragons will be available for preorder at the beginning of July along with the cover artwork. The calendars will be available for shipping at the latest beginning of August. From that moment on, a new Zodiac Dragon artwork will be announced here as well as my other galleries across the Internet and social media sites every week for the next 3 months. If you don't want to wait that long to see all of the new Zodiac Dragons, grab a calendar! It also makes a great gift for your friends and family!